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9 Day Holyland - Galilee Emphasis
Only 9 Days but with same s/seeing as 10 Day Tour with right airline schedules. Friday to Saturday schedule means only 5 work-days lost.
9 Day Holyland - Jerusalem Emphasis
Holyland Tours, the wonder and spirituality starts right away.

10 Day Holyland Standard Itinerary
This is a standard tour of Israel with most of the basic religious sites for the Evangelical Pilgrim.
10 Day Holyland incl.Negev
This is a highly intensive facinating tour, with much to see and includes the Beautiful Negev desert.

11 Day Holyland with Negev,Eilat and Petra
Arrival in the Holyland in the morning (after a good night sleep on the plane – we recommend taking a sleeping pill 
11 Day Steps of Paul
Arrive Athens in the morning.Transfer to our hotel. Afternoon tour of Athens

12 Day Intensive Holyland Tour
Proceed to Caesarea to visit the Crusader Fortress built upon the ancient city of Caesarea, named after Augustus Caesar
Jewish Itinerary 11 Day Tour

Join Transglobal Travel Ltd. in bringing you home to Israel! Experience firsthand, the Land of Milk & Honey. Together we will relive the magic of Jerusalem-past and experience the present, float in the Dead Sea, and see the beauty of the Galilee, visit Tsfat the birthplace of Kabbalah and many other exciting ancient sites.

Welcome Jon Courson
Transglobal Travel, Inc welcomes Jon Courson & Applegate Christian Fellowship 


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